Life Members of Bangor Tigers JAFC

The Bangor Tigers have been fortunate to have had many wonderful and generous volunteers over the years. These people have made extraordinary contributions to our club and have well deserved this honour.

YearLife Member
2000Colin Duff
2001Di Barron
2003Bryan Cairnduff
2003Michael Sporn
2003Kerrie Sporn
2004Michael McGuigan
2005Chris Riddle
2009Michael Nash
2009Peter Cameron
2010Veronica Walters
2010Ron Walters
2015Neil Jackson
2018Daniel Aylward
2019Simon Taylor
2021Sascha Bass
2021Shaun Conlan
2021Danyel Chasle
2021Brett Fraser
2021Natalie Hickey
2021Tim Hickey
2021Marty Lindbom
2022David Hansen